Selecting the Right Plumber for your Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Ventura County Home or Business

Did you know where the word Plumber comes from?

The word “plumber” dates back over two thousand years from the time of the Romans. The Latin word for lead is in fact plumbum. Roofs during the Roman Empire used lead drainpipes and lead conduits for piping and the baths were constructed with lead as well. As a result a Roman craftsman, with expertise in working with lead, was known as a Plumbarius, which over time evolved, in the English language, to plumber.

Connecting surface drain.

Cutting cast iron drain pipe to size.

Comby Y fit drain.

While the wonders of modern plumbing are quite a bit different from 2000 years ago, getting a visit from a plumber is no more a wonderful prospect today than it was 2000 years ago. It usually means something has gone wrong, and water is either leaking, backing up or not running. Plumbing systems can be quite intricate and when you compound the fact that so much of your plumbing network is hidden behind sealed walls, between floors, in basements or attics, it’s easy to understand why it’s critical to call a professional plumber when you have a real plumbing problem.

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Why Out of Sight, Shouldn’t NEVER be out of Mind

Moisture testing in dry
wall water damage.

Slab leak outdoor

Old orange burg drainage
crushed line pulled from

Most of us are familiar with common plumbing issues. Leaking pipes beneath the kitchen sink, dripping faucets in the bathroom, running toilets, low water pressure etc. What we don’t typically think of is that these household fixtures are linked one way or another behind walls to a network of pipes circulating hot and cold water, waste, natural gas distribution, storm drain runoff, and critical air venting. Flood Brothers plumbers specialize in the repair and maintenance of all these hidden plumbing systems.  Tracking down complex problems and knowing when, where and how to open a wall is a Flood Brothers’ plumber domain and key area of expertise.

What does a Flood Brothers Plumber have proven know-how in?

Repairing Pipe Leaks in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Ventura County homes and commercial properties

Leaks can occur at any point and any time in a plumbing system. They are frequently not easy to troubleshoot because the original source of the leak is often not where the leak first becomes apparent. Knowing when and where to open a wall and doing it with minimal invasive damage and expense is a demanding skill based on experience, modern detection technology and intuition that all our master plumbers have through rigorous years of on the job training.

Replacing Broken Water Valves in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and Ventura County 

Plumber; Cleaning

Pipe installation condo HOA.

It’s a simple fact of life that water valves age, wear and eventually break just from years of use. Sometimes replacement is the only practical solution. A Flood Brothers plumber has the training to make that call on the spot and has ready access to a large supply of parts, on-demand, to repair or replace your malfunctioning valve.

Restoring Lack of Water Pressure or Hot Water in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and Ventura County 

Plumber; Cleaning

Copper to galvanized steel electrolysis causing corrosion and leaks .

All of us have, at one point or another, suffered from lack of water pressure or hot water. A myriad of reasons can cause both problems.  Hard water corrosion in the branch piping, a buildup of sediment, defective valves, faulty fixtures, air circulating in the system, a bad recirculation pump are just a few of the common causes. Whatever the actual root of the problem in your case, a Flood Brothers plumber has a set of diagnostic protocols and tools to resolve the problem fast.

Gas Line System Installation and Repairs in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and Ventura County 


Gas line repair.

If you smell gas, it’s no laughing matter. CALL US IMMEDIATELY for even the most innocuous concern. Gas lines can be very dangerous if installed or repaired incorrectly. Special care must be taken when working on gas lines and Flood Brothers Plumbing responds to any gas problems as a PRIORITY. Our plumbers are licensed and experienced professionals in gas line repair and installation. Our work is fully guaranteed and each master plumber at Flood Brothers Plumbing is trained to remedy gas problems quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively in compliance with all LA and Ventura County codes and regulations. Flood Brothers Plumbing has the experience and manpower to not only repair your gas leak, but has the scale and expertise to get your home, apartment building, condominium or commercial property plumbed for any gas line system.

A Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Ventura County Plumber that will treat you like family

Plumber for your Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Ventura County

Flood Brothers Plumbing Family

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