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Emergency Pipe Repair Leak in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley

There are a wide variety of plumbing related pipe leaks. Some literally can flood your home or business in minutes, while others are far less invasive or destructive. They key is to address the leak before it becomes a catastrophic event. The urgency and approach to stopping a leak depends on the type of pipe leak it is.

Pipe Repair & Cleaning

Commercial Copper water main repair.

Most plumbing problems or leaks occur at or near a fixture such as a sink, faucet, tub or toilet. Sometimes, however, the pipes themselves are the source of the problem, and depending upon the location can be either a relatively easy fix or a very complex job.  Most pipe replacement projects are best left to professionals, even though, if you are a do-it-yourselfer, you may be tempted to consider a temporary pipe patch.  Sometimes temporary fixes, until permanent repairs can be made, do in fact allow toilets, sinks and other plumbing fixtures to remain in use. They are also often expedient because many water emergencies happen at odd hours like on weekends or at night, when getting a plumber is more difficult or near impossible. Either way, it is critical to remember the very nature of a “patch” is temporary, so at some point a trained plumber will be required to do a permanent pipe repair.

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Under normal conditions, “L” class copper pipes, used to carry water in most contemporary homes, are durable and long lasting. Unfortunately many repipes were done using cheaper and thinner “M” class copper which often develop leaks over time that can cause severe flood damage to your home or business.  Older homes using galvanized-iron, if by now not replaced, have already sprung more than one pipe leak, which typically start with a pinprick-sized pinhole.

Pinhole Leak Pipe Repairs in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley

Pipe Repair & Cleaning

Pinhole leak on copper elbow.

Although galvanized-iron piping hasn’t been widely used since the 1950s, it was still commonly installed in Southern California homes up to 1970 and still exist in millions of homes in this region. Galvanized-iron pipes are covered with a protective layer of zinc to prevent rusting. Over the years, that zinc erodes and pipe walls begin to corrode. The real problem with iron pipes is that they corrode from the inside out; making it near impossible to determine the true condition they are in. The first sign of trouble often appears as a pinhole leak. If the pipe is in a wall or out of site however, it’s often too late, as the hole will grow larger without your being even aware of it leading to a potentially catastrophic leak and flood. Common signs of corrosion are drops in water pressure, a brownish tint in bath or sink water, and damage to water-using appliances.
Copper pipes can be just as problematic as galvanized-iron. Pinhole leaks happen also on repiped homes that did not use heavier gauge L copper leading to the same disastrous flooding consequences. Low quality copper and corrosive water usually cause pinhole pipe leaks that can be difficult to detect early on. Signs of corrosion include damp spots in your drywall and flooring, reduced water pressure and flow, and water discoloration.

Professional Pipe Repairs avoid Catastrophic Leaks in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley

Corroded pipes should be replaced immediately with high quality copper or PEX pipe to avoid well in advance a costly leak as well as improve the water pressure in your home.
The quickest, easiest way to repair a pinhole leak, assuming you detect it in time, is to call us at 855.840.7800 or click for IMMEDIATE 24/7 pipe repair. Flood Brothers Plumbing professionals are trained and experienced in handling every conceivable pipe repair you may have, and we offer 24-hour emergency pipe repair services.

What to do in case of a Pinhole Pipe leak in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley

If for any reason you cannot call us, turn off the main water line immediately and use a stainless-steel pipe repair clamp if you have one in your home. It consists of steel band that’s lined with a thick rubber gasket. When the clamp’s bolt is tightened down, the gasket plugs the leak. Pipe repair clamps WILL NOT stop the corrosion from spreading or solve the real problem however. Once you’ve stopped the leak, call us or click to determine the TRUE condition of the pipe and permanently replace it before it’s too late.

How Proper Preventive Pipe Repairs and Pipe maintenance can prevent floods in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley

Pipe Repair & Cleaning

Giovanni Longo supervises residential “trenchless” sewer  line replacement.

Your home contains both hot and cold water lines, which supply potable water to your plumbing fixtures. Water pipes, by their very own design, are prone to blockages and leaks. Even a minor leak can cause massive damage to your home or your business, which in turn can cost you thousands to fix. To keep water from flooding your home and seeping into your walls there are some precautionary steps that you should take to prevent such outcomes. Start by checking you water pipes regularly. Periodic examination by a plumbing professional can help detect leaks before they cause real damage. This means preventive steps can be taken in time to keep mishaps from disrupting your life and your property. Insurance studies show that over 80% of claims in a home are a result of water line breaks.

Why a trusted licensed Plumber is critical for difficult pipe repairs in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley

Pipe Repair & Cleaning

Emergency sewer line repair at large condominium project.

It is not that difficult to fix water pipes on your own if you are really handy and know what you are doing. If the leak is not very serious you can possibly do the water line repair yourself, but the truth is it is always better to have a professional plumber, you trust, handle it. Professional plumbers have both the tools to check your entire plumbing system and the years of experience required to do the job right the first time around. Additionally they can often reach areas, which are impossible for you to access like your underground plumbing systems.
Flood Brothers Plumbing Professionals serve all of Los Angeles, including Sherman Oaks, Studio City, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Encino, Tarzana, Woodland Hills Pasadena, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks Granada Hills and Brentwood and are experienced in handling a wide range of small and large pipe repair needs. We repair all types of piping including copper, pvc, cpvc, pex, galvanized, poly, and steel pipe and we offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services. Our dedicated technicians are career plumbing professionals who will provide you polite, friendly service, with best-in-class industry-leading guarantees on all work performed.

Testing for Pipe Leaks in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley

The best way to detect a potential problem, is before it become an actual catastrophic event, costing tens of thousands in flood repairs and restoration. Flood Brothers Plumbing recommends carrying out preventive pressure tests on a periodic basis to avoid coming back to your house and finding it flooded. We check all the hot and cold water lines (inside and outside your home when physically possible) which supply your fixtures and water using appliances. If even the smallest of leaks is detected in lines going into electrical devices, we will recommend addressing the leakage immediately. Any water near AC power can cause short circuits and electrocuttion or trigger fire related accidents. Call FLOOD BROTHERS PLUMBING at855.840.7800 or click for IMMEDIATE 24/7 pipe repair.

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