Do You Get a Bad Smell When Flushing the Toilet?

When you flush the toilet, do you find the smell to be a very strong foul odor that you cannot explain? We’re not talking about the usual unpleasant odors that we all experience from time to time. No, this is a deeper bad smell that has a strong odor of sewage. This is not normal, … Read More

6 Benefits of a Plumbing Pipeline Inspection

Sadly, for many homeowners, a slow drain due to a drain clog is a basic plumbing issue that never seems to be resolved. Manually removing a clog is the most effective method using a simple home plunger or a plumbing snake. But, sometimes there are clogs that just seem to return again and again, and … Read More

Which is Better: Taking a Shower in the Morning or at Night?

Are you a person that likes to get up earlier to take a shower before the day begins? Or do you prefer going to bed after a shower and feeling clean as you sleep? Showering at night can cut your early morning routine in half, but a morning shower can wake you up for the … Read More

What Should You Do if You Have a Lead Water Main?

As we’ve seen in our local and national media, the health hazards caused by ingesting lead have become a major cause for concern. When lead is ingested by anyone, it can be harmful, but young children and infants are particularly at risk. Any homeowner that suspect that they are being exposed to lead in the … Read More

5 Tips for Summer Plumbing Maintenance

Most people look forward to summer, the temperature is warm, and the rain is softer and less frequent. It’s a time for getting outdoors in the sunshine and relaxing as the seasons change. But, summer can affect other parts of your home, including your plumbing system. The higher levels of activity during summer, hot long … Read More

Everything You Ever Need to Know About Plungers

Let’s face it; when a sink, tub or shower cannot drain the water away quickly enough, most people reach for the plunger. In many cases, using a plunger to clear a clog is a sound strategy, and a mechanical removal is always preferable over using caustic chemical cleaning products. Most people believe that there is … Read More

5 Top Fall Plumbing Tips

Fall will soon be here, and that means that it’s time to start thinking about your plumbing system as we head into the colder part of the year. It’s never too late to prepare your plumbing for the months ahead, so get ready to store those hoses away and get ready for the cold months … Read More

What is a Rooter Service?

Many homeowners and property managers may have heard the plumbing term rooter service, and they don’t really understand what it means. Historically rooter service was a general catch all term for plumbing repairs to pipes or drain cleaning operations. The cause of many pipe and drain problems are intruding tree roots, and this is why … Read More

Why is Hot Water Coming Out of Your Cold Faucet?

A sink faucet has either a single directional knob or a pair of knobs to control the mix of hot and cold water. Most of the time, this system works well to get the exact temperature that you need for any given task. But, if you’ve noticed that your getting hot water coming out of … Read More

A Guide to Good Drain Maintenance

Although we can’t see into our drains, we rely on them to carry out wastewater away, and when they become blocked, it can make life very difficult for everyone in the home. Keeping your drains clean and clear is the best strategy, and it will increase the overall health of your plumbing system. There are … Read More