How to Avoid a Loss of Shower Water Pressure

Many people enjoy a good shower to start their day off right, but when the water pressure drops, it can be a real annoyance. Sometimes, this is a short, sharp disruption when a nearby toilet is flushed, and other times it seems impossible to get enough water to shower. This can make it difficult to … Read More

Your Water Looks Rusty, What Happens Next?

We expect the water that comes out of our faucets to be clear and clean of contaminants. But, sometimes the quality will be compromised, the color and the taste may be strange and unpalatable. The cause of this could be rust, depending on how old your water heater and pipes are, it could even be … Read More

When is it the Right Time to Replace Your Toilet?

Everyone uses a toilet every day, but many people don’t consider replacing it unless it fails entirely. The humble toilet is one of the most critical parts of your plumbing system, and the good ones are built to last a long time. But, over time even the best models will succumb to the effects of … Read More

What Happens When a Main Water Line Goes Bad?

Every plumbing pipe and fixture is subject to stresses, and the effects of wear and tear will eventually cause parts to fail. This includes the main water line that supplies water to your home. This line is buried underground; it connects your household plumbing system to the municipal water supply. It’s important to know as … Read More

4 Ways to Fix a Water Hammer Problem

If you have metal plumbing pipes, it’s not unusual to hear them banging loudly when a faucet is turned off quickly or if a washing machine or dishwasher water intake is abruptly shut off. This banging noise is commonly referred to as water hammer, but the technically correct term is hydraulic shock. This happens when … Read More

3 Steps to Replace a Garbage Disposal Splash Guard

The rubber gasket around the drain for your garbage disposal can last for a long time if it’s cleaned regularly and the garbage disposal is used sparingly. But, when that gasket becomes brittle, and it cracks it will need to be replaced. A new gasket should cost less than $10, and it’s easy to replace … Read More

How to Troubleshoot Dishwasher Issues

The modern dishwasher is a great time saver, and once you move away from washing dishes by hand, it’s extremely hard to go back. So, when your dishwasher starts to develop some issues, it can be very disruptive to your daily routine. It’s important to get on top of the situation before it gets worse … Read More

How to Repair Your Plumbing After a Flood

There are a number of possible causes for a flood, but one thing is for certain; they can cause a great deal of damage. When your home has been impacted by flooding, there could be plumbing damage that’s hidden, and you may not find it until a licensed plumber is called. They can carry out … Read More

How Can You Detect a Water Leak Under a Concrete Slab?

A leaking faucet, given enough to time, could create a great deal of damage to a wide variety of surfaces and materials in your home. In fact, it could over an extended period of time even cause damage to concrete foundation slabs. This may even create a sinkhole that could destabilize the foundations of your … Read More

4 Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Plumbing

Like any complex piece of equipment, a plumbing system needs maintenance to work efficiently, and it has a finite lifespan. Eventually, parts and pipes will begin to wear out, and they will need repair or replacement. If a problem isn’t fixed, it could lead to hidden water damage that can be even more expensive to … Read More