4 Main Causes of Water Damage

When water damage occurs inside the home, it can be extremely expensive to fix. Water damage can occur over a long period of time before it’s noticed and the water can pool in hidden areas. It’s important to take precautions against this type of damage with insurance and regular plumbing inspections. Although the majority of … Read More

4 Common Household Water Leak Warning Signs

A water leak can damage your home, waste water and encourage unwanted organic growth around your home. It’s not possible to see most of the pipework in your home, and it can be hard to realize that a leak has been formed. The best way to protect your home from water leaks is to keep … Read More

Stories From Around the World About Trenchless Tech Saving the Day

If you’ve ever experienced sewer line repair or replacement, you may have memories of your yard and driveway being torn up and experiencing a messy and costly situation. Thankfully, the development of trenchless technology has allowed small and big repair issues without needing to dig up trenches and cause major disruption. Although this has made … Read More

Bad Home Inspection Because of Plumbing Issues? What Can Homeowners Do?

For many of us, purchasing a home is one of the most expensive investments we’ll ever make. Regardless of whether you’re buying or selling, you need to make the best deal, and it is common for a home inspection to be performed before a sale is finalized. While this may highlight some minor points, what … Read More

A Retrospective of the Development of Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology has become genuinely groundbreaking as it literally doesn’t require breaking ground. These techniques have eliminated the tearing up of streets, yard, and structures that were previously necessary to repair or replace the existing underground infrastructure. Trenchless technology requires no trenches to be dug to make the repair, saving time and money and stress … Read More

Unusual Things Found in Domestic Pipelines

Plumbers are called in to clear out a clogged drain every day, and most of the time this blockage is due to an accumulation of waste, but sometimes it is caused by an object. Small toys, sanitary products, jewelry or plastic caps can find their way into the drain and don’t draw special attention, but … Read More

3 Common Myths About Garbage Disposals

Many homeowners consider the garbage disposal to be one of the most useful kitchen appliances. Approximately half of the homes in the U.S have a garbage disposal installed, and this appliance has gone from being prohibited by many localities bylaws to being a common feature in our homes. Due to this relatively recent adoption, it … Read More

Do You Need a Main Water Line Replacement?

While they are often neglected, residential main water lines are a critical component of a home plumbing system. The main water line is continuously in use as it carries water into your home, so if any problems develop, it can disrupt service and could even pose a health hazard or cause property damage. Since your … Read More

Top Moments in Plumbing History

The history of plumbing is almost as old as human civilization. Although every development and innovation hasn’t cleanly led to the next one, there are some crucial moments that affect our modern world. So, here we’ll explore the top moments in plumbing history. The Development of the Flushing Toilet Of all the developments in the … Read More

Common Old Home Plumbing Problems

Most homeowners tend to have some basic plumbing knowledge to identify any issues that may arise in their property. Unfortunately, if you have an older home, it can have its own set of issues, which can require a little additional care and attention. So, here we’ll explore some of the most common problems you may … Read More